MSGM SS 2012

MSGM is the brand founded by the designer Massimo Giorgetti in partnership with Paoloni Group. Massimo Giorgetti is the brand designer for both men and ladies collections. The brand is distributed by Studio Zeta Show Room in Milan. The brand was born in a very particular moment of Fashion System: the difficult economic trend involving fashion (year 2008-2010) does not prevent MSGM from facing it with proactivity and investments on a creative team as well as an administrative one made of people in their thirties and lead in primis by Michela Paoloni, the chairman’s daughter. The state of being contemporary has always been the soul of the brand since its very beginning – the new tendencies of indie music and contemporary art as well as the kaleidoscopic aesthetic and artistic expression of creative connected to internet. Even when it comes to final customer MSGM does not want to follow the age scheme but focus instead on their expression, creativity and contemporary state of being…” seen here.

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