Right now one of the most inspiring artists to me is:
Leopoldina Melanie Koehler (born 18 November 1885 in Vienna, † 15 December 1960 in Stockholm), she was a painter, graphic artist, illustrator, and watercolorist. She was also an employee of the Vienna workshop (Wiener Werkstätte).

Established in 1903, the Wiener Werkstätte (Vienna Workshop) was a production community of visual artists. The workshop brought together architects, artists and designers whose first commitment was to design art which would be accessible to everyone.
Melanie Koehler went two years to art school Hohenberger and was educated at the Vienna Arts and Crafts School as a student of Koloman Moser and Bertold Löffler. Subsequently, she was a freelance artist. She designed postcards for Vienna Workshop and others, mainly as fashion illustrations. In addition, she worked for the Vienna-based fashion magazine “Vienna Fashion” and for the “Illustrated Books of Fairy Tales” – Konegen publisher.

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