I really appreciate the work of Martha Rich. She has lately come up with the idea of The New York Times Magazine as a sketchbook. I was faszinated when I read her notes about the idea: “Hopefully the magazine will be unrecognizable when I am done. I do not like working on a blank white page and I am an obsessive magazine hoarder so it made sense to use a magazine as a sketchbook.”
I’m never afraid of blank pages. I love to color them. But I find painting on magazine pages is also an exiting way! So keep on painting Martha, I’m very keen to see the following paintings!

“Martha Rich lived the typical, suburban life – until she followed her husband to Los Angeles where, just short of a picket fence and 2.5 children her average American life unraveled. To cope with divorce, fate lead her to an illustration class taught by the Clayton Brothers. They persuaded her to ditch the pantyhose world, quit her human resources job at Universal Studios and join the world of art. She graduated with honors from Art Center College of Design.
She is currently back in Philadelphia where she just completed her MFA in Painting at the University of Pennsylvania. She is working as a commercial and fine artist.”


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