Sunao Kuwahara (スナオクワハラ) is a popular Japanese fashion designer designer and also the name of a fashion brand created by the designer himself.
Sunao Kuwahara was born in 1960 in Hiroshima-ken Japan. He graduated from Vantan Design Institute in 1979. In 1989 he began working for legendary Japanese fashion brand Issey Miyake. In 1994, he left Miyake for I.S., where he would have his own collection called I.S. Sunao Kuwahara. In 1996 he moved to A-net. In 2003 he launched his own brand sunaokuwahara, which is still part of the A-net group. Kuwahara, a self described introvert, says his designs are often inspired by things he encounters in his world. On a trip to Germany, for example, he was inspired by paintings in a medieval castle he visited. Through this came a collection based on the comfortable clothes traveling entertainers wore in those days. Other inspirations have come from the French royal courts and Gothic designs.”
See more of the collection here.
Seen via: Mallory reblogged this in her loveliness from Andrea.



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