Hi folks, one whole week is gone already since my last post – quite unusual for me…I know. I had a stressful time … So here are some sweets that have helped to save my good mood.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Some paintings by Nick Lamia!

This collage by Basco Vazko!

This bonbon picture (artist unknown)! via

This painting by Lou Ros!

A portrait by Guim Tió!

Some awesome vintage tapestry sculptures by Frédérique Morrel (his site is a must)! via

A beautiful Moonchild Alpaca Dead Wood Creek Sweater – Must Have! via

This Ramsey Lewis “Fantasy” cover! via

A collage by Hernan Paganini! via

Some patterns by Ashley Goldberg!

These cute illustrated half-timbered houses! via

Some lovely flowers as usual 01. Othello Radou “Tulips and Jonquils” 02. Samuel John Peploe “Red Chair and Tulips” 03. Jane Peterson “Tiger Lilies”! via

These vintage illustrations! via

These vintage flowers! via

This wonderful painting by Elijah Albert Cox “Ann’s Youngest Daughter”! via

This painting by Maurice Prendergast “Le Rouge – Portrait of Miss Edith King”! via


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