I hope you all had a wonderful christmas! Mine was great as I expected it to be! I’m sign­ing off till new year now – relaxation…! I wish you all happy holidays and hope to see you in 2012!
Those who know me a little better knowing that I’m a big fan of Lotte Reininger’s work. It’s amazing what two skilful hands and a scissor are able to accomplish! Here are only a few examples of her incredible work.

“Lotte Reiniger was born in Berlin-Charlottenburg, German Empire, on June 2, 1899. As a child, she was fascinated with the Chinese art of silhouette puppetry, even building her own puppet theater so she could put on shows for her family and friends.
As a teenager, Reiniger fell in love with cinema, first with the films of Georges Méliès for their special effects, then the films of actor and director Paul Wegener, known today for The Golem (1920). In 1915, the young woman attended a lecture by Wegener that focused on the fantastic possibilities of animation.
After a bit of persuasion, she convinced her parents to enroll her in the acting group Wegener belonged to, the Theater of Max Reinhardt. In an attempt to attract the attention of her distant and very-busy hero, she started making silhouette portraits of the various actors around her. This had its desired effect, and soon she was making elaborate title cards for Wegener’s films, many of which featured silhouettes…” Go on reading about her life and work here!



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