Dear readers, sorry for being absent for such a long time! Almost two month since my last post…I was working on some various projects. Some to earn money and some others to become “rich and famous”…
Beside working my ass off we bought a wonderful piece of land – which took a lot of time. I’m so happy about this, you can’t imagine! It’s pretty close to Berlin near one of the most beautiful lakes around Berlin! No one cared about during the past 20 years – so it was like a jungle when we first saw it – trees and squirrels celebrated a lot of parties there (and I really hope they won’t stop)! That was the main reason why I fell in love instantly, beside a little house which was build in the twenties or thirties and a huge shed! I’m planning to build my studio out there in the woods – silence, lovely flowers and trees are growing, birds are singing, no internet, – best preconditions to concentrate on work! I’m gonna post a few pictures as soon as it is showable. Now, finally, a further contribution to you my dear readers!

CLICKETY CANDY: These unique still-live polaroids were taken by Andy Warhol between 1977 and 1983. He referred to his Polaroid Big Shot camera, which he purchased in 1970, as his “pencil and paper.” A selection of 70 Polaroids was on view at the Paul Kasmin Gallery. What a pity that I haven’t seen the exhibition! You can find more here. Hope you like them! Happy wednesday!



I recently did a post about Kennedy Holmes. There are actually some pretty new pictures on her Blog – taken by Paige Schaberg. Kennedy has some serious sense of style and she is such a beautiful girl…think I should draw her some day! Here you can find her Etsy, Flickr, Tumblr and Twitter.


Thea Kliros was born in New York City and currently lives there. She studied art at Bennington College in Vermont and at the Yale University School of Art and Design in New Haven, Connecticut. She began her career as a painter and worked on dioramas at the Natural History Museum in Washington, DC.
She then moved to Europe, lived in Spain and Switzerland for a number of years, continued to paint, exhibited, and gained experience as a freelance illustrator.
Her illustrations have been featured in magazines as diverse as The Economist and National Lampoon, but until the late eighties, she concentrated on fashion illustrations. These have appeared in numerous publications including Woman’s Wear Daily, Vogue, Seventeen and Good Housekeeping.”
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Great Style and more unique pieces here!


I could spend hours by diving into this wonderful archive!


I’m always into album art. Today I found Mat Maitland‘s wonderful collection and I LOVE IT! I’m gonna post more of my favorits soon.


David Hiser is a photojournalist and photo educator. Two decades of photography assignments for the National Geographic Magazine and other international publications including Newsweek, Smithsonian and Geo has produced a large stock photo archive…”