ART CANDY: “Born in Catanzaro (1962 – Italy) where he lives and works…Claudio Parentela is an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist, journalist, free lance… Active since many years in the international underground scene. He has collaborated & he collaborates with many, many zines, magazines of contemporary art, literary and of comics in Italy and in the world…& on the paper and on the web…some name amongst the many: NYArtsMagazine, Turntable & Blue Light Magazine




Some pretty CANDY that has caught my eye last week…

A few images on my Tumblr !

A textile design by Hans Hollein !

This pattern by Eugene Alain Séguy via NYPL !

Some new scarves by Mónica Muñoz !

This illustration by Jenny Mörtsell !

This illustration by Jean Paul Mallozzi !

A painting by Dorothy Iannone ! via

And last but not least this hand-decorated cookie with face of Lady Gaga wearing telephone hat!

A desktop wallpaper for your holiday mood !
These gorgeous embroidered photographys by María Aparicio !
Some geometrical paintings by Todd Chilton !
Some wall drawings by Charlotte Mann !

Some surreal illustration by James Jean !


Hi there again – I’m a little late with the “WEEKEND CANDY” but a cold has stoped me yesterday…
I wish you all a wonderful weekend! And this has sweetened my last week…

This eighties artwork by George Snyder!

This awesome work by Jessica Eaton!

A work by Jim Defrance!

A silk scarf by James Jean!

This painting by Georgia O’Keeffe! via

This ball point pen painting by Shane McAdams!

This painting by Nick Butcher! via

This Bonnie Cashin fashion sketch! via

This Arctic Fox Print you can get here!

This wall calendar 2012 by Yolande Six you can get in her etsy!

Some paintings by Christine Woodside!

These shots Backyardbill did for Confezioni Crosby!


Here again – some CANDY that has sweetened my last week…

This painting by Olga Suvorova!

This painting by Joanna Goss!

This photographic print from 1961! via

This adorable stiched illustration by Emily L. Eibel!

A painting by Jenni Rope!

This “Dreaming of a white x-mas” – tree via Wood & Wool Stool!

These collages by Ashkan Honarvar!

This painting by Dan Halm!

This sculpture by Ida Kohlmeyer! via

This illustration by Judit García-Talavera! via

The pattern of this Rudie Gernreich Dress! via


Petra Cortright (born July 19, 1986) is a Santa Barbara, California based Internet artist. She studied at Parsons The New School for Design in New York and California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Her work has been shown at the New Museum in New York, Rhizome, the Venice Biennale and the 2010 01SJ Biennial in San Jose, California.
, one of her early works, relates to the activity of looking at a video online. Instead of being a simple consumer of YouTube, Cortright films herself while weaving into her video animations that both interrupt the experience of watching and question the entire physical process of sitting on front of a monitor. She refers to the physical nature of the computing experience in her blog piece, (2007) slecht-lands.” Discovered via


Luis Dourado as been developing his own personal work, projects and collaborations mainly in the areas of Visual Arts, Illustration and Communication. The author´s work is never loyal to any specific technic, Although oscillating in between digital an analogue method in different series, the works talk with each other and share several references. Exploring mainly themes like control, memory and illusion, Dourado´s personal work has been published in international magazines and publications in more than twenty countries in four different continents.”

MSGM SS 2012

MSGM is the brand founded by the designer Massimo Giorgetti in partnership with Paoloni Group. Massimo Giorgetti is the brand designer for both men and ladies collections. The brand is distributed by Studio Zeta Show Room in Milan. The brand was born in a very particular moment of Fashion System: the difficult economic trend involving fashion (year 2008-2010) does not prevent MSGM from facing it with proactivity and investments on a creative team as well as an administrative one made of people in their thirties and lead in primis by Michela Paoloni, the chairman’s daughter. The state of being contemporary has always been the soul of the brand since its very beginning – the new tendencies of indie music and contemporary art as well as the kaleidoscopic aesthetic and artistic expression of creative connected to internet. Even when it comes to final customer MSGM does not want to follow the age scheme but focus instead on their expression, creativity and contemporary state of being…” seen here.