QUICK CANDY: are the things that have caught my eye somehow, while I’m very busy.
I am always fascinated by embroidered works! Why? Because I would never be patient enough to create these kind of works – I am one of the most impatient humans on this planet! Maybe I should start to embroider somewhen – just to learn how to be patient? More works here!
Hope you are all doing well!



Since I discovered Maurizio Anzeri‘s work a while ago, I notice an increasing frequency of embroidered projects in the net. Here are some projects the young and upcoming photographer Ausra Osipaviciute did in collaboration with Milda Cergelyte (fashion design) and Gintare Pasakarnyte who did the needlework.


Some pretty CANDY that has caught my eye last week…

A few images on my Tumblr !

A textile design by Hans Hollein !

This pattern by Eugene Alain Séguy via NYPL !

Some new scarves by Mónica Muñoz !

This illustration by Jenny Mörtsell !

This illustration by Jean Paul Mallozzi !

A painting by Dorothy Iannone ! via

And last but not least this hand-decorated cookie with face of Lady Gaga wearing telephone hat!

A desktop wallpaper for your holiday mood !
These gorgeous embroidered photographys by María Aparicio !
Some geometrical paintings by Todd Chilton !
Some wall drawings by Charlotte Mann !

Some surreal illustration by James Jean !


Some work by María Aparicio Puentes in collaboration with various photographers. I just love how the eyes gets directed by the embroidered lines!
Discovered via


Lucky Jackson launched this adorable project, called “365 Lucky Days”, 62 days ago. She is creating an embroidered work every day – 365 days – amazing! Let me tell you something about Lucky in her own words:
“I am a self taught artist residing in Peterborough Ontario. I do not create with any specific medium, but let my subject matter inspire what materials to use. I try to marry my materials to reflect the nostalgic feel of my subject matter. I enjoy making things that are fun, playful and full of joy. I don’t think that art has to be dark or controversial to make a statement. I believe that art can reflect the pursuit of happiness. I hope that others are connected to the humour, whimsy and nostalgia of my work and are left with a happy sentiment of their own.

Lucky Jackson”


Here again – some CANDY that has sweetened my last week…

This painting by Olga Suvorova!

This painting by Joanna Goss!

This photographic print from 1961! via

This adorable stiched illustration by Emily L. Eibel!

A painting by Jenni Rope!

This “Dreaming of a white x-mas” – tree via Wood & Wool Stool!

These collages by Ashkan Honarvar!

This painting by Dan Halm!

This sculpture by Ida Kohlmeyer! via

This illustration by Judit García-Talavera! via

The pattern of this Rudie Gernreich Dress! via


The time is running – it’s friday againhave a wonderful weekend!
Here is some CANDY that has sweetened my last week…

This awesome shot in a row by Andrew Yee! via

This beautiful photography by Andrey Yakovlev!

This portrait of Hannah!

This reindeer by Lisa Congdon!

A collage! via

A beautiful illustration by Emma Leonard! via

Some nice pieces at Mother of Pearl! via

This embroidered illustration by Kristine Fornes!

A painting by Arnold Brügger “Village in the Mountains” (to get in winter mood slowly)! via

An embroidery by Mariska Karasz! via

A picture taken by Martina Giammaria!

This funny picture of Susie!

This awesome sweater! via

These photographys by David Ayer!