Don’t get me wrong, but imagine a book like this as lookbook for a vintage clothing line! Couldn’t this look beautiful? Handcolored B/W shots, handwritten notes to each piece – written with a quill and black ink. Some marginal notes highlighted, or written with colored pencil – all on vintage paper, of course! And why not TATOOED CRIMINAL GIRLS (oh sorry, even boys) – isn’t naughty the new nice? Unfortunately I don’t know how to get the smell of an old book inside… just kidding. Just a small idea that came to me when I saw this book – must have something to do with my advertising past! A happy wednesday to you all!

Oh, the pages are from a 100 year old record book kept by Detective Inspector Robert Mather of the Manchester Police, comprising a photographic record of criminals known to the Inspector, hand-written details of the appearance, height, eye colour, aliases, offences committed, convictions and prison terms served of 65 individuals. More information here.



Oooh, how I love John McAllister‘s pattern collages – so inspiring!


Hi friends, sorry, I had so much work to do during the past few days that it was impossible to find some time for my blog.
These dancers of The Casino de Paris were supposed to be my carnival post…Don’t they look magnificent? I’m obsessed with these lavish stage outfits! Please excuse the image quality, but the costumes are just to good not to post them! via


Hi guys, hope you had a great weekend! I lately got lost in this book I want to share with you.
SHIN-BIJUTSUKAI was a monthly oriental magazine of various patterns and designs by famous artists around 1900 – I love this book!
I wish you all a happy week!


If you ask me – simple ideas are the most beautiful ones! You can find these adorable tees at Baron Wells!


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I wish you all a happy week!

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I love what Saul Leiter says about painting in sketchbooks:
“I am very fond of my sketchbooks that I began in the 50s and still work on today. I think there is a certain freedom when you are absorbed in painting a sketchbook. You are not burdened to do something important. You are not dealing in big things. You are just thinking and the sketchbooks are a way to express your thinking. They are very intimate. I work on my sketchbooks almost every day. If I had to choose what I value the most in my work I might choose my sketchbooks. Here are two of my favorite sketchbooks. There are four here which are just covers titled, My Father and I. The other is Sketchbook #1 which I hope to publish as a book one day…”
Some of his sketchbooks will be on display at his show at the Deichtorhallen House of Photography, Hamburg in February 2012.
Via This Long Century. Discovered at the Reference Library.