Hi there again – I’m a little late with the “WEEKEND CANDY” but a cold has stoped me yesterday…
I wish you all a wonderful weekend! And this has sweetened my last week…

This eighties artwork by George Snyder!

This awesome work by Jessica Eaton!

A work by Jim Defrance!

A silk scarf by James Jean!

This painting by Georgia O’Keeffe! via

This ball point pen painting by Shane McAdams!

This painting by Nick Butcher! via

This Bonnie Cashin fashion sketch! via

This Arctic Fox Print you can get here!

This wall calendar 2012 by Yolande Six you can get in her etsy!

Some paintings by Christine Woodside!

These shots Backyardbill did for Confezioni Crosby!



The time is running – it’s friday againhave a wonderful weekend!
Here is some CANDY that has sweetened my last week…

This awesome shot in a row by Andrew Yee! via

This beautiful photography by Andrey Yakovlev!

This portrait of Hannah!

This reindeer by Lisa Congdon!

A collage! via

A beautiful illustration by Emma Leonard! via

Some nice pieces at Mother of Pearl! via

This embroidered illustration by Kristine Fornes!

A painting by Arnold Brügger “Village in the Mountains” (to get in winter mood slowly)! via

An embroidery by Mariska Karasz! via

A picture taken by Martina Giammaria!

This funny picture of Susie!

This awesome sweater! via

These photographys by David Ayer!