STYLE CANDY: What a stunning lookbook! Swedish Hasbeens came out with it for their upcoming spring collection! Cute shoes and handbags – very well styled! Have a happy weekend!



I was already taken with MSGM‘s current Spring/ Summer collection in a certain manner, but their upcoming Fall “pattern battle” made my heart jump a bit! I decided to show you only the combinations with the pants, because I usually don’t wear skirts…but these skirts make me think it over! So, you should take a look at the whole collection here! Oh, by the way, have you noticed the girls are standing on patterned floors? What a nice detail for the presentation!


Don’t get me wrong, but imagine a book like this as lookbook for a vintage clothing line! Couldn’t this look beautiful? Handcolored B/W shots, handwritten notes to each piece – written with a quill and black ink. Some marginal notes highlighted, or written with colored pencil – all on vintage paper, of course! And why not TATOOED CRIMINAL GIRLS (oh sorry, even boys) – isn’t naughty the new nice? Unfortunately I don’t know how to get the smell of an old book inside… just kidding. Just a small idea that came to me when I saw this book – must have something to do with my advertising past! A happy wednesday to you all!

Oh, the pages are from a 100 year old record book kept by Detective Inspector Robert Mather of the Manchester Police, comprising a photographic record of criminals known to the Inspector, hand-written details of the appearance, height, eye colour, aliases, offences committed, convictions and prison terms served of 65 individuals. More information here.


I was totally thrilled when I saw these lovely animations Reed + Rader did for Verrier! I really like the simplicity of this idea! Definitely a wonderfull new way for a lookbook! Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader are the two behind Reed + Rader. They enjoy cats, stuffed animals, nintendo, pizza, robots, outer space, augmented reality, pc’s, deli sandwiches and computing on the internets. They live in New York. They also have this cute Mister Wubba Polaroid project you should definitely check out! Thank’s to Miss Moss (I discovered it at her site)! Via Design for Mankind.


What a gorgeous collection! I’m thrilled about these watercolored fabrics!


Sunao Kuwahara (スナオクワハラ) is a popular Japanese fashion designer designer and also the name of a fashion brand created by the designer himself.
Sunao Kuwahara was born in 1960 in Hiroshima-ken Japan. He graduated from Vantan Design Institute in 1979. In 1989 he began working for legendary Japanese fashion brand Issey Miyake. In 1994, he left Miyake for I.S., where he would have his own collection called I.S. Sunao Kuwahara. In 1996 he moved to A-net. In 2003 he launched his own brand sunaokuwahara, which is still part of the A-net group. Kuwahara, a self described introvert, says his designs are often inspired by things he encounters in his world. On a trip to Germany, for example, he was inspired by paintings in a medieval castle he visited. Through this came a collection based on the comfortable clothes traveling entertainers wore in those days. Other inspirations have come from the French royal courts and Gothic designs.”
See more of the collection here.
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YO VINTAGE! is an eclectic mix of carefully edited vintage clothing and accessories by Sarah Radcliffe.  The collection has been lovingly sourced from Switzerland, London and recently North West America, where the YO VINTAGE! studio is now based.